Involving My Community In My Art

Sometime last week, I asked someone who posted a picture in the Traverse City Community Facebook page called Overheard in Traverse City if I could use her photo as a reference for one of my paintings. This is the photo that she posted: I was so awed by the heavy clouds looming over the waterContinue reading “Involving My Community In My Art”

Beware of Artist Scammers!

A couple of days ago, I got a message in my Etsy inbox from an “Elizabeth Sanders”, inquiring about my original Mission Point lighthouse painting. I listed it at $200, unframed. “Miss Sanders” also asked for my email, since she wanted to purchase it outside of Etsy. I thought it was kind of weird, butContinue reading “Beware of Artist Scammers!”

The Traverse City Coloring Book Project

This is it! My Coloring Book is gonna be available soon! March 12! It has been an exciting journey! I’ve always dreamed of publishing my own book…I did not expect it to be a coloring book, though! As a portrait artist, I always try to capture the essence of the subjects that I paint. IContinue reading “The Traverse City Coloring Book Project”