Etsy Sales, Kaboom!

First shipment the day after my book release!

So, the evening I released The Traverse City Coloring Book Project on Facebook, my Etsy sales just exploded! I was so happily dancing to the “ka-ching” noises coming from my phone everytime I got a purchase on Etsy.

Wanna know how many sales I got around the same time last year? 0. Nada. I so wanted to change it and over the course if the year, I was figuring out how to change that.

This whole experience has led me to believing more in the law of attraction. If you really want it something bad, and you do your best to get it, and visualize yourself getting it, it just happens! Just don’t doubt!

I’m still far from getting to the point where I feel I’m truly successful, but the small victories are definitely worth enjoying!

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