The Traverse City Coloring Book Project

The book cover for The Traverse City Coloring Book Project

This is it! My Coloring Book is gonna be available soon! March 12!

It has been an exciting journey! I’ve always dreamed of publishing my own book…I did not expect it to be a coloring book, though!

As a portrait artist, I always try to capture the essence of the subjects that I paint. I wanted this to be true for my coloring book as well. Traverse City is beautiful, not only because of the breathtaking landscapes, lakes and the old country scenery, it is made more amazing by the people that live in it!

Coloring books are a great way to de-stress and also to begin exploring some art techniques depending on the medium you use. I hope to inspire more people to create more art by opening the pages of the book and spending as little or as much time as they want by themselves, or with a loved one and make yourself part of my artwork!

This was the first image I made. Originally for a painting of downtown TC. It was this image that inspired me to create a coloring book!
Front Street, Traverse City. Original Art by Yvette Haberlein, Watercolor and Pastel

The original artwork has since been purchased, but I will be making my prints available soon, along with other prints from my Traverse City Art Collection.

Here are some samples of the artwork that you will find in the coloring book. What makes them so unique, is that they are an artwork all on their own! You can even frame them right away!

Images are subject to copyright
Images are subject to copyright

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